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Autumn in Canada can be the best time of year to ride. Spring is too wet and the roads are still dirty from the winter and summer can be too hot to ride comfortably. The autumn is just right.

Autumn does require some special considerations. Before a longer trip it’s good to check for any pending changes in the weather. Autumn means cooler morning and evening temperatures. Motorcycle tires can be more susceptible to changes in temperature. Always check your pressures and take it easy until your tires warm up as this can improve grip/traction.

In autumn the abbreviation ATGATT – All the Gear All The Time – becomes more critical. “Dress for the slide not just the ride” now adds weather as another element to consider when suiting up.

Layered clothing can make or break a ride. Heated clothing and grips can extend your comfort season dramatically. Your bike is a big investment,  get the most out of it.

If you are travelling south of the border make sure you’re covered. Roadside assistance plans like CAA Plus can be a savior (you have to get the “Plus” to cover a motorcycle). Short term health insurance is also available if you don’t already have it. Better safe than sorry.

Get out and enjoy the season. Enjoy your favourite roads without the tourist crowds.

Just remember to ride safe and dress for the weather.